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"Those who know many languages live as many lives 

as the languages they know" - Czech Proverb


     Amazing teaching service! Experienced, super friendly teachers, always ready to go an

extra mile for you!


       What I loved most about my language course at ILT was the teacher's approach to students. I loved every minute of my French classes and will certainly enjoy speaking French with the locals in Paris.



    Suberb, efficient, affordable service. I use ILT for my children. They love it!


     Great teachers, interesting classes, would recommend to anyone who is into languages & culture


— Helen from Wollongong, NSW



— Ella from Sydney, NSW


— Pam from Palm Beach, QLD

— Terry from Main Beach, QLD


At ILT you will...

Achieve your goals fast!
Proven success in 4 to 12 weeks!

At ILT we believe in teaching according to your needs and interests. With our modern approach and amazing teachers we want to create the best environment for you to learn foreign languages in an interesting way in a short span of time. 

In only 4 to 12 weeks you will learn the basics of one of your chosen languages which will give you enough knowledge to be able to communicate with the locals of one of your travel or business destinations. 

Whichever language you choose, we will be there to assist you in achieving your goals! 

Receive professional, individual, customized 
learning plans
Require different
approaches to learning

ILT offers a wide range of language courses and tutoring services customized to students' needs and interests depending on their age and competence. We offer language teaching in four different age groups which are divided into:


- Pre-school children

- Primary school children

- High school

- Adults



Obtain test preparation.
Test prep is our top notch!
Who are we?


ILT started a wide range of foreign language classes as well as tutoring services to adults and children in Wollongong in 2012. Since then, we have developed four locations along the east coast of Australia. We love to spread the knowledge and we will always deliver the best service on the market. With us you will learn a new language and you will enjoy it!

Our Teachers
ILT hires international teachers and native speakers. Above all, we enjoy working with friendly, caring and 
creative  people! 
If this describes your sense of being, why not join our team? Interested? Email us today at

ILT also offers one-to-one language lessons. We assist corporate and business people in learning foreign languages to a level that will certainly impress potential business partners. Whatever your language goals are, we will be here to help you out! 

Apart from foreign language classes, we also offer various test preparation courses for both adults and children. Whether you need to prepare to IELTS or HSC we will be proud to assist you. Send us a message to enquire about your test preparation.

Our Students

Who are our students? Our students come from a variety of demographics. Ranging from seniors through to pre-school children we also cater to international students. 

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