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Social Groups at ILT

Children's Multilingual Play Group
Multilingual Youth Club 12-18 years old

Do you want your child to socialize with other kids whilst subconsciously learning foreign languages?


At ILT we offer to take your children off your hands for up to 2 hours every day and help them to interact with each other and provide games and music associated with foreign language. 


Classes are designed for children aged 3-7 and 8-12 years old.


Activities may include arts and crafts from different countries, sports, reading, drawing and painting.


Not a replacement for pre-school but a great way to help your children advance and adjust in the multicultural world we live in.










To help you practice your language skills, your teachers will hold an activity/outing/event where you will try to speak your chosen language.


A great way to have fun, normally lots of laughs, meet other groups of people from other classes at different levels of learning. Students develop relationships that can follow them through travel, business, life and pleasure!


We offer you learning, laughter and outstanding outcomes. Your teacher will have all of the details for you in your next lesson.


As our teachers are normally native speakers, there is also the chance to gain personal contacts in their home countries providing you an opportunity for practical local advice for any potential travel plans, and potentially local tour guides to help you get settled upon arrival. 


We are planning ILT tours for adults with native speakers to various destinations. Check out our website for the updates!




Multilingual Club for Adults

Would you like to have a night off without your kids so you can enjoy a movie? Drop your precious children at our Multilingual Youth club knowing they are in safe hands, having fun and learning at the same time.


Amongst other activities, we organize 'real life' activities using foreign languages, foreign movie nights, board game nights, theatre nights and cultural nights.


Classes are designed for children 12-18 years of age. 


With ILT Multilingual Youth Club 12-18 your offsprings will never be bored. It is a great way to get them introduced to different cultures while having fun. 


So, what are you waiting for? Register your loved ones today and get a 20% discount on the enrolment fee!



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