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How to learn a foreign language effectively in a short period of time?

Do more of what makes you feel alive.

A lot of students ask me one significant question while learning a foreign language: 'How to acquire a foreign language effectively in a short period of time'? I usually reply to this question with one of my favourite quotes that I have written: 'Do more of what makes you feel alive'.

What do I mean by that?

By doing more of what makes us feel alive, we tune into a higher vibration and open our minds to all the things that can be achieved, such as acquiring a foreign language, learning some new skills or pursuing your dream. Therefore, I believe we need to do all kinds of things that we are keen on doing the most eg. our favourite past times including arts, design, sports, traveling, social media, IT projects, cooking etc. This will contribute to our progress in achieving a good level of a foreign language and anything else that we desire to attain in our life because we can memorise things better when we are fond of something. So, if you really want to brush up your English, Spanish, German or any other foreign language, follow my steps below to become successful as well as fluent in your chosen language.

Step 1

Set your goals: Describe your goals in your diary, mobile or wherever it suits you. Read your goals daily. Be specific.

eg. I want to speak English / German / French fluently. I want to achieve it in 3 months. I want to improve my surfing skills etc.

Step 2

Create positive affirmations & be bold eg. I believe my English /French /German etc. is improving by active participation in diverse activities and my favourite hobbies. 

Step 3

Do more of whatever makes you feel alive eg. If you are fond of arts and design, why not design some projects in a language that you are trying to learn? If you love reading, why not join a reading club where you could make new friends and read books together? If you love surfing, why not join a surfing class where you could talk to other people who are into surfing. Do whatever you are passionate about and combine it with your learning. That will help you speed up the process of learning.

Step 4

Talk to people in a language that you are learning and don't be afraid to make mistakes! We learn best by making mistakes! Approach people and talk to them. That's the best way to practise your chosen language.

Step 5

Record your speaking on a weekly basis and measure your progress. Ask a native speaker or a teacher to check it.

Step 6

Visit a country where people speak the language that you are learning or talk to people online. Speak to locals and practise your skills!

Above all things, never give up. Best of luck! 

Stay tuned for more tips! 

Marta :)

Ps. Check out a few examples of my own work which I created when I was 13-17. I was passionate about languages, art and design so much that I turned every school project into a digital piece of art. 

Homework for my French class 

German project on protecting our environment

Description of a Polish city in French for my French class.

English project on Botticelli

A calendar that I designed for my History of art class in English.

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